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One of the most important stress factors for your cross-border employees is certainly the long and exhausting journey to the office. Employees who arrive at the office already tired will be less productive and more stressed. A burn-out may be the result.

More and more companies are offering their employees the opportunity to work flexibly in a location close to home or close to customers, as required.

Why not your company - it will be a real asset for you and a great added value in terms of quality of life for your employees. Rent office workstations in coworking or private space for your employees.

Contact us now for a personalized rental offer.

Are you an HR manager? Are you looking for a remote office for your employees?
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At URBAN OFFICE, you can


Renting permanent workplaces


Book meeting rooms to meet your clients


Relocate entire teams (to closed offices or flexible spaces)


We offer


A dedicated, flexible or private workstation


Very high speed internet access - secure network


Using the printer


Private locker(s)


Meeting rooms


Access to the common areas of ALL centres


Affordable rates

The commute to the office has become
long and exhausting.

All services can be tailored to your specific needs. Contact us to discuss your requirements and receive a quote within 24 hours.

Esch-Belval 1.700m2
9, Avenue du Blues
L-4368 Belvaux/ Belval


5 Avenue du Swing

L-4367 Belvaux / Belval

Where to find us ? *

Windhof (Koerich) 1000m2
4, rue d'Arlon   


18, rue de l'Industrie
L-8399 Koerich

Bettembourg  750m2
Z.A.E. Wolser A, 144
L-3225 Bettembourg

Luxembourg-Ville  200m2
2-4, rue du Nord (Chiggerisgaas)
L-2229 Luxembourg

Wecker 880 m2
1 Haaptstrooss

L-6869  Wecker

* Please make an appointment before visiting

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UO Name and slogan_Zeichenfläche 1.png

A real alternative for you and your employees!

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